Character Interviews by Stella Stargirl

April 21, 2011


So this is a first for me… Stella Stargirl kindly offered me an interview, but I was surprised when I received the questions and had to pass them on to… my book’s cast! Discover more about Soralin, Rhet & Peteal with Stella Stargirl!


Anyway, here are todays special guests on Stella Stargirl Interviews!

Question 1: Hello Rhet, Soralin and Peteal, thanks for agreeing to be a guest on my blog! First of all, how did you all meet? It seems weird that three different people from different walks of life would know each other.

Peteal: Interesting question, Stella. As it happens, my mother was the midwife when Rhet was born and we’ve been nigh on inseparable ever since. As for Soralin, well, she just kind of swooped in and kidnapped us…

Question 2: Do you all get along okay? No rivalries between any of you? Maybe over the attentions of the Miss Soralin ;)

Rhet: To begin with, Peteal and I are friends, and Soralin is our captor. True, she is kind to us, but still a captor. She is not used to men being on an equal footing, so we do have to figure out how to make things work.

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