Android Dreamer reviews Element Keepers

June 5, 2011

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Android Dreamer Review

at Android Review recently reviewed a copy of Element Keepers.

This book is not without its good points. Marcellin actually writes very well. Her prose is solid, and paints a good picture without ever getting overly flowery or otherwise distracting. Writing that doesn’t distract from the story is always a positive, and Marcellin has good prose in spades. It is also refreshing that her dialogue is very good; I never felt in reading this novel that the characters were saying things unrealistically. She clearly has an ear for dialogue that is extraordinarily important in being a writer of any longevity.

Despite the average rating awarded, Matt  has truly honoured E.P. Marcellin with a great technical critique.

Head on over to Android Dreamer Blog for the complete review.

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