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September 12, 2011

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Today it is with great pleasure that I host Ian Alexander on his blog tour for his new book – Once We Were Kings. A fellow Christian Author, his own story, as well as the new novel he is promoting, both are very intriguing and mysterious… Let’s say that if you loved C.S. Lewis, Ian will not disappoint! And now, without any further to do…

Ian, thank you so much for allowing the Pen Dragon to host one of your stops on this book tour! I must say that your story (and that of your twin!) intrigued me very much as well as the inspiration behind your new book, Once We Were Kings.

First, let’s talk about Ian’s own story, and where the “evil twin” was born. You are already an acclaimed and prolific author under your real name, Joshua Graham. What led you to create this alter-ego, and what are his defining traits versus your “good twin” Josh?

Actually, Joshua is the evil twin, regardless of what he might otherwise say.  The defining traits that differentiate us are the books we write. I write epic fantasy, and Joshua writes Suspense/Thrillers.  Ian came about as a result of a very important commission for a novel (more on that later.)

I think we share a very common bond in the fact that our families were very much the reason behind our books. While my parents (especially my Father) was a driving force behind Element Keepers, you mention that your little 6 years old boy was at the origin of this exciting tale, Once We Were Kings. I would love to hear more about this love for worlds of fairy tales and adventure you share with your son, and how it brought you to start this new venture yourself?

We were reading The Chronicles of Narnia together and one evening he asked, “Daddy, will you write a book for me?”  I could not refuse.  Now, both of my children are at the level where they can understand and appreciate ONCE WE WERE KINGS, and I am thankful that I was able to complete it for them.

The Narnia books had my son captivated and he simply adored the fantastical characters ad their stories. So I decided  to set out and try my hand at it.

You and your twin are obviously very talented authors, having claimed many awards, Top 100 listings and glamorous reviews for your past books. You are also a teacher and extremely educated individual. From all your experiences and knowledge, what would you say mostly influenced your choices of genre as well as the characters and locations in your books?

I would say that the Bible, life experience, and my faith have influenced my writing most profoundly.  While I try my best not to make my books religious, they cannot help but have a strong influence from my faith in Jesus Christ.  This has drawn some very negative reactions from a couple of readers, but for the most part, it has been well-received, thank God.

I know what you mean, as a Christian Author myself I know there is a fine line there. Now, I know we authors all love our characters as they are part of us, their creators. Tell us more about Once We Were Kings and what makes the characters and the story special to you, as the author? Which character do you relate to the most in the story? (It’s ok, I won’t tell the others 😉

I really love the character of Greifer, because she represents a powerful warrior who fights to protect Render, the one with whom she is charged to oversee, and a nurturing guide for him as he embarks on a quest to realize his destiny.

In 2003 my mother passed away.   Greifer embodies some of her traits;  strength, unconditional care, and wisdom.

As an author, what have you found to be the most useful thing fans or others could do to support your work and help promote your incredible stories? What have you found to be most effective marketing tool or platform for authors themselves?

The very best thing you can do to support an author whose books you enjoy is recommend it to others.  The most effective marketing tool I can think of is writing in such a way that you capture the hearts of your readers.  Now, this can prove a risky enterprise due to the subjective nature of emotions.  This is because what lies behind our hearts are such personal things as our pain, joy, faith, or lack thereof.

This is why, if you go for the hearts of your readers, they will either love your books and tell all their friends (thank you all who have done this) or hate it so much and give it a scathing 1-star review.  You know this kind of reviewer, you see them in just abut every bestseller on

Finally, I always like to end with a more personal question for the author. With your extensive background and amazing experience in many fields, what remains your favourite hobby (aside from writing, of course!) ?

I love to meet with good friends and dine, play Texas Holdem, to read and study scriptures and pray together, and most of all, I love going places with my family, just being together.  Once in a while, if I’ve come accross a book I just can’t put down, I will set aside time to read.

In a world where the Sojourners, a nearly extinct race with preternatural abilities struggle to preserve their faith and heritage, destiny thrusts two youths from opposing nations into the heart of a centuries-old conflict.

Render, an orphan from the outskirts of the culturally enlightened Kingdom of Valdshire Tor, escapes slavery and seeks the truth about his true identity only to discover a web of conspiracies. This quest leads to the revelation of his uncanny ability to wield the destructive forces of nature.

Ahndien, sole survivor of a heinous raid on her peaceful village in the Eastern Kingdom of Tian Kuo, embarks on a journey to find her father, now a captive of Torian troops. What she uncovers surpasses anything she can imagine as she masters the ability to manipulate fire.

Guided by shape-shifting spirits, Render and Ahndien’s fates collide when first they meet as mortal enemies. However, to save their people from annihilation, they must unite both kingdoms against a terrifying enemy that threatens to destroy both realms.
But how can a young slave and a peasant bring sworn enemies of half a millennium together?

ONCE WE WERE KINGS: The first book in a saga of destiny and redemption, in a world of dying hope.


Ian Alexander PortraitWriting Epic Fantasy as Ian Alexander, Joshua Graham is the author of numerous bestselling titles, including his Barnes & Noble #1 bestselling legal thriller BEYOND JUSTICE, which won the 2011 International Book Award and was listed on Suspense Magazine’s Best of 2010, along with titles by Scott Turrow, Ted Dekker, Steven James and Brad Thor.

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