Fairy Tale short-stories Anthology, with a #Steampunk twist.

I am excited to announce that my Steampunk variation on The Tinderbox theme was shortlisted for The Literary Lab’s new anthology. This exciting collection of short stories should be available shortly in paperback, Kindle, and PDF.

The title is Variations on a Theme because the anthology contains 20 short stories inspired by two classic fairy-tail-ish short-stories: “The Tinderbox”, a classic fairy tale and “The Huntsman” by Anton Chekhov.

To give you a taste of what is in store for YOU, here is a short extract from my own interpretation of The Tinderbox:

Of Cogs and Gold

Running the chain over his hand, he found the winding key tangled in it and fitted it to the back of the watch. He gave it one precise turn. Through the dusty silence of the attic came the sound of grinding, then the whir of thousands of cogs and wheels, a clockwork cadence. Roderick looked up from the watch to find himself face-to-face with a brass beast, the telescope-like lens of one eye nearly touching his cheek. The other eye was a great lens through which Roderick could see the tiny gears work as it moved to focus on him. And then it all came back: the lonely road, the beaked plague doctor who had told him of a cavern filled with gold. Roderick shuddered to recall the caped fellow with the bulbous goggles and hook-nosed mask, humours wafting from that beak that set his head whirling. They must have truly addled his brain or he never would have let the strange man lower him into the blasted out tree.

To find out more about this amazing collection of short stories, visit The Literary Lab

To read more short stories by E.P. Marcellin, make sure to read her Splintered Lands work as well!

The Hunter’s Prey

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