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Here are sample reviews received from readers all over the world. THANK YOU to every one of them, I wouldn’t be here without your support!

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“I am in total awe of Elizabeth’s imagination. I finished the book during my 3 days shifts and it was amazing! Of course the only bad part is that is soooo leaves you hanging! Can’t wait for the next one!” Karla, Ontario, Canada

”It has been a long time since I’ve delved into this genre, but was caught by surprise this time; expecting something along the lines of a Tolkien or Lewis was somewhat accurate but it moves at a much faster pace. The brevity is quite refreshing as E.P. Marcellin writes, descriptively, just what is needed and nothing more, allowing the story to unfold quickly as each page turns. The characters adventures will stimulate your imagination and leave you wondering…”
Mark ( Hamilton, Ontario) – Amazon 5 Stars Review

When a friend hands you a book and says that I am going to love it, I am skeptical to say the least.

I love to read and sometimes have 4 books going at once. Rare is the tome that I pick up and read straight through. “Element Keepers, Whispers of the wind” is one such book. The story lines are tight and precise and are woven in such a way that I did not wasn’t to stop reading. What happens next could not wait till the next day. Following Rhet in his awareness and awakening of his powers consumes the reader. I managed to stretch this book out over four days. It was tough not to read it in one sitting.

Now I want more from this new and entertaining author.

I rate it FIVE stars and a must read.
David Russell – Amazon 5 Stars Review

“I love it. It took me about four days, in which I was forced to sleep way less than normal because I couldn’t stop reading at night. A week ago, I attached no significance to words like Y’dah, Peteal, Soralin, Seatra, etc., and now they’re a permanent part of my brain!
I love this world and these characters you’ve created. I can connect with them”
Sean, FL

“Amazing…I loved how the dialog was so believable. It wasn’t fanciful like many writers make it but very realistic and interesting. Oh and funny…I almost forgot funny.”
Robbie, NY

“Having the inside track & being slightly biased, the first time I read the first chapter I new this would be an amazing story. I put down the book I was reading (some Star Wars book) and read what Elizabeth had written to that point. Could not put it down. I got it chapter by chapter over several years. I am looking forward to finally holding it in my hands and reading a real book. Also, I’m looking forward to the “new” material that got added after my last edit. Best of Luck, Elizabeth.”
Jan, NY

I had no idea what to expect when I picked up Element Keepers. A genre that I don’t normally read— I was captivated. Elizabeth’s craft of story is exceptional. She will transport any reader to another world, and leave them looking forward to reading more. I felt like I was in the story, on the journey. She has a masterful way with description and dialogue. A fun read. Best of luck Elizabeth. I hope we can read part 2 soon.
Karlene Petitt, Author and Commercial Pilot – Visit her Blog!

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