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Book Giveaway (Kindle)

January 21, 2014


BOOK GIVEAWAY WIN A FREE copy of Element Keepers: Whispers of the Wind! (Kindle Version) Element Keepers takes you onto an Epic Fantasy adventure where nothing is what it seems… forget about orcs or elves, dragons and faeries – The very fabric of the world, the four elements of power, are the harbinger of it’s […]

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Author’s review of “The Everafter Chronicles” by Casey Harmon

March 12, 2013

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E’s Thoughts Reign of the Night Creatures is an action-packed modern story in the brilliant tradition of the Chronicles of Narnia. James and his sisters are kept on their toes in the imaginative world of Everafter, where the battle of light versus dark rages. Who knows what darkness’s next move will be?” Find out more! […]

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