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The Hunter’s Prey – Part 15 | #read #indie #fantasy #fiction

September 9, 2011


Part 15 – The Hunter’s Prey – By E.P. Marcellin “Very well,” she said, raising her hands and dropping the knife point down toward the floor. “I suppose you are my stray puppy and I must do something with you.” He gave her a good swat on the backside with the flat of his blade […]

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The Hunter’s Prey – Part 11| @SplinteredLands #amwriting #pubwrite

July 13, 2011


Part 11 – The Hunter’s Prey – By E.P. Marcellin The water was pleasantly warm, though the sand sucking at his heels felt strange. Laurin was more used to mud, which had a better grip than the sand. It could almost have been enjoyable, the gentle waves rolling in, the water lapping around his legs, […]

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