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The Hunter’s Prey – Part 9

June 24, 2011


Part 9 – The Hunter’s Prey – By E.P. Marcellin As the Cleansing drew near, people from all over Kaphiri flooded into Omari, swelling the city until it seemed about to burst at the seams. Dendera was far busier than she would have hoped, not only preparing for the Cleansing, but also accepting offerings and […]

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The Hunter’s Prey – Part 6

May 27, 2011


Part 6 – The Hunter’s Prey – by E.P. Marcellin Crouched in the last mangrove cluster on the swamp’s edge, Laurin stared at the dry land stretching before him. He had never seen so much grass-covered earth in his life, and the calming waving sea of green frightened him more than the deep blue waters he […]

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