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The Hunter’s Prey – Part 8

June 14, 2011


Part 8 – The Hunter’s Prey – By E.P. Marcellin In an attempt to move faster than Moyra and her entourage, Laurin bought a horse from a farmer as he was preparing to leave the first village on the outskirts of the Campari Fens, a place he had only ever called The Swamp, or home. […]

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The Hunter’s Prey – Part 1

May 27, 2011


Part 1 – The Hunter’s Prey – by E.P. Marcellin The thrumming of insects and the incessant babble of little frogs pulsated through the swamp, a continuous sound blanket that masked the hunter’s footfalls. Laurin didn’t mind the noise, except for that mosquito buzzing around his head, ever out of reach, the whining whir of […]

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