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The Hunter’s Prey – Part 10

July 6, 2011


Part 10 – The Hunter’s Prey – By E.P. Marcellin Completely dumbfounded by the city that held more people than Laurin had even thought existed, he was even more astounded by the sight of the massive temple, a structure so magnificent his shrine in the swamp wasn’t worthy to stand in its shadow. The guards […]

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The Hunter’s Prey – Part 8

June 14, 2011


Part 8 – The Hunter’s Prey – By E.P. Marcellin In an attempt to move faster than Moyra and her entourage, Laurin bought a horse from a farmer as he was preparing to leave the first village on the outskirts of the Campari Fens, a place he had only ever called The Swamp, or home. […]

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